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It's no secret that we're spending a lot of time online. Make sure your advertising is hitting the mark on each channel, as well as each screen. 

Landing Page | Utah State University

This hero shot for a landing page for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHaSS) at Utah State University is a promotion for the annual Scholarship Awards program. I really enjoyed this project because I got to apply a gritty, edgier feel to the design. It speaks to the student body and the upcoming goal of their academic journey.

Web Banner | Revlon

A simple, effective hero/header shot for the web. Attention-grabbing imagery was the objective. Success.

spec ad


Social Media Templates | BOND Building Construction

Instead of having to reach out to the designer time and time again in hopes s/he has time to make an update, why not request an editable template?


Above are examples of graphic templates for various social media platforms that can easily be edited by the client.


Site Page Design | Four Fin Creative

A simple, clean, minimalist approach to a site page redesign. Nothing crazy, but it speaks to the brand: calming, inviting and effective.

spec design

Social Media Graphic | MKS

Social Media is a huge part of MKS branding and, therefore, a huge part of my role. The goal of creating graphics that garner attention and click-throughs entails keeping the target audience in mind while adhering to the brand. This is one of my favorite designs, as I got to bring a playful, funky tone to the design and it still reads as MKS.

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Social Media Templates | Tutor Perini

Construction is an industry that I [favorably] found myself carving out a niche. Having worked with BOND Building Construction and Elite Construction, it was an easy transition into a freelance role with Tutor Perini.


Highlighted are layouts for digital graphic templates for a New Project Award and an Employee Highlight.

Animated GIF | Manly Band

Laughter is key for me. Anytime I can bring humor into a piece just feels good. This holiday animated gif for email marketing was certainly a treat.

spec design


Social Media Animation | MKS

Recently, I've been incorporating animations into social media graphics for MKS. While still a newbie to the platform, I've been thoroughly enjoying working in After Effects. It truly is like breathing life into a project; from adding movement to dropping in a music track, it's really incredible to watch each take shape. 

Social Media Template | The Lewis Prize for Music

Oftentimes it is requested to create a template that can be edited by the client, to eliminate the back and forth and allow recurring items to be churned out quickly. In these situations I create the original design in the Adobe application of my choice, export a PNG with a transparent background (where a photo/image can be inserted) then drop that PNG into a PowerPoint (PPT) file. This PPT document includes a 'working' slide, an 'instructional' slide, as well as a 'sample' slide. Microsoft programs seem to be much more universal than the Adobe suite so this process has proven to be an efficient work flow; as it allows me to maximize fluidity by allowing the design process to take place in Adobe, while providing a functional solution for the client.

More social media


Email Marketing | Tonies

Simplicity at work. Photography is the main attraction with this product highlight email template.

spec design


Social Media Graphics | MKS

Graphics showcasing two online speaking engagements; EUEC Virtual & Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).


Social Media Graphic | MKS

Like with most companies during the pandemic, there was a push for remote and hybrid roles at MKS. Above is a LinkedIn post promoting such opportunities. The layout of typography to deliver the message is the highlight for this piece.


Web Home Page Hero Image | ICON Fitness

ICON Fitness was rolling out a new product and requested a hero image for the home page. I delivered the design as well as the copy. This was a fulfilling project, as health & fitness is another of my passions.


Welcome Email | King Buddha

A thank you and welcome message for signing up online, accompanied by a coupon. A marketing tool to obtain new customers and, hopefully, turn them into repeat customers.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 1.38.07 PM.png

Site Design | Nice Moves Dance Studio

As mentioned previously, dance is vital to me. I decided to create a site dedicated to this beautiful art form. Everything on the site stems from my brain; logo design, layout, and copy. My husband contributed to some of the action shot photography (we make a wonderful team).

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 3.14.43 PM.png

Site Design | SPF Paddleboarding

Playing outside is also super important to me. Having discovered the many joys of paddleboarding, I created a site dedicated to the sport. Again, this is all me; logo design, layout and copy. The images are stock photography this time. Dive in. Make a splash.


Program Offering Campaign Graphics | MKS

One of the campaigns MKS was marketing to promote their top manufacturing sector; semiconductors. This series includes a site header banner, Pardot registration page hero image, as well as an email signature banner.

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