Minimalist Staircase

Hi there

Let's get to know one another.

I'll go first. I am a crafter, a creator, a loyal friend, a lover of laughter, a storyteller, a dreamer, a music fanatic, a dancer, a designer and a [sometimes fiery, yet always passionate] redhead. An unwavering love of the Arts has helped

craft a beautiful story and foster an impactful soundtrack to the adventure

that is my life. I am very proud of the progress I have made over the years,

and where my talent has carried me. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work with a vast array of incredible people and organizations.

My hope is to continue to do so for years to come. Perhaps one day

our paths will intersect and a new collaboration will unfold.

What I bring to the table

print & presentation design, digital advertising, branding, marketing, social media,

illustration and typography

I am also adept at translating visions into a creative brand identity (logos, colors, fonts, textures, graphic elements), converting marketing strategy into impactful designs that communicate a clear message, as well as bringing concepts from an initial idea to a completed design through production.