Deana Martin

Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications | BOND

Crystal Heroux is one of the best graphic designers that I have worked with over the many years of my career as a marketing professional. Fluent in all graphic design software and quick to pick up new program skills, her accuracy and quick turnaround time on projects is a must-have talent to possess in a fast-paced company with many design needs and constituents to please. Her composition and layout skills are always appropriate in application with an impact that you will find delightful, energetic, informative and original.


I enjoyed working with Crystal over the past two years and recommend her for a senior level graphic design position. She is a focused and mindful designer.

Amy Angelosanto

Business Development Manager | BOND Civil & Utility Construction

It was an absolute pleasure working with Crystal over the past 2+ years at BOND. She possesses strong graphic layout skills coupled with a keen eye for design. Crystal is always willing to take on new projects and finds creative ways to convey ideas through text and imagery. Her design work is captivating and always communicates the right message. Crystal has strong time management skills and was able to juggle multiple assignments while completing projects in a timely manner.


I highly recommend Crystal in any graphic designer capacity. Her collaborative attitude and eagerness to lend a helping hand make her the ideal addition to any team.

Kristen Bala

Marketing Content Writer | National Development

Crystal is a talented graphic design professional with the ability to see beyond the surface of each project, from exploring the tiniest details to understanding the big picture. I had the pleasure of working with her at BOND and what always impressed me was her curiosity and ability to communicate the company story and brand with the utmost clarity and consistency. She delivers the aesthetics of each design and understands timeline, feedback and scope. Her work ethic, passion and drive make her an asset to any organization.

Joe Garite II

UX Tech Lead | Christie's

Crystal has proven herself to be quite an asset to Direct Buy Lighting. We were in need of some marketing material - web banners, e-mail blasts, homepage graphics - and Crystal executed the designs perfectly. She understood exactly what we wanted and was able to deliver in a timely manner, as well as within budget. She went above and beyond to deliver the projects by researching the topics to get a better understanding of the audience.


I highly recommend Crystal to anyone who wants a competent graphic designer

on their side.

Steve Murphy

SVP/CEO | AG New England

I had the pleasure of working on a number of special advertising promotions with Crystal and she was great. Crystal not only was good at capturing the essence of what we were trying to achieve, but effective at adding her own professional touches to the projects that really made them stand out amongst the competition! She is also a great team player!