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While a creative brief is best, oftentimes designers are presented with requests via email, Teams, phone, fax, smoke signals—as was the case with this company one sheet. The challenge with this project was taking a very text heavy document and creating an easy to digest, less dense one. Adding character while keeping consistency with the MKS brand was also top of mind. 
See attached. Crystal took the content and developed the guide. Not to lead the witness, but I think it looks great! Please review for content and then we’ll finalize and have it ready for Day 1.



Marketing Collateral: Brochure Creation | BOND Building Construction

The marketing collateral for BOND was quite outdated and limited. As my first project I was tasked with creating a brochure for each market sector (Education, Healthcare, District Energy, Civil Infrastructure, Power & Energy, Electric Transmission & Distribution and Oil & Gas) that highlighted the experience, expertise and relevant projects of each team. Showcased above is the Education brochure's front and back cover, as well as the spreads of one project. Click here to view the full PDF.

The brochures were printed and utilized as leave-behinds at meetings, bid interviews, trade shows and client introductions. They are also housed online for digital viewing.



It is certainly quite exhilarating to see the final product, especially at the end of a long road. What's even better is seeing the smiling faces of happy clients. This project provided both. Kero Creative agency hired me in a freelance capacity to design a client's (JMR Financial Group) entryway sign.



Social Media Graphics Campaign | The Lewis Prize for Music

The Lewis Prize for Music (TLPM) is a non-profit organization that works to advance positive change for young people through music. Each year TLPM announces the Accelerator Awards, a series of grants that provides young people with music education and puts music at the center of efforts to establish equity. As a music fanatic, I was thrilled to join this team in a freelance capacity.

As rings true with most organizations today, social media is a huge factor in raising awareness for the brand. With an interest in boosting engagement, improving content and increasing traffic, TLPM selected me to focus on elevating their social media presence. Highlighted above are selects from one of the Accelerator Awards campaigns.



Icons, illustration, logos—these visual representations hold an invaluable place in the art world. Each has the power to express a copious amount of information in the smallest of spaces. Making use of this is an art form in and of itself.
Dogs are one of my absolute favorites. Ice cream is another.
Combining the two—perfection. This art comes from a passion
project I am bringing to life in After Effects. 


Personalized Congrats Video | Passion Project

Not all the work I do is attached to a specific professional role or client. A lot stems from my passions, interests, hobbies, when the request for a congratulatory video hit my desk the wheels starting spinning. Animation has been an area that has fascinated me for some time now, and After Effects a program that eluded me—until recently. Having carved out part of my schedule to dive into the application afforded me the opportunity to, not only, bring animation to my professional projects but also find a real sense of joy in a new manner of creation.


The animation showcased above is a video I created for my niece upon her graduation from college. Again, it was such a thrill building this because it included two of my passions: family and animation. Enjoy!




Deana Martin
Director of Marketing + Communications

Crystal Heroux is one of the best graphic designers that I have worked with over the many years of my career as a marketing professional.


Amy Angelosanto
People Resource Coordinator

[Crystal] possesses strong graphic layout skills coupled with a keen eye for design. Crystal is always willing to take on new projects and finds creative ways to convey ideas ...


Kristen Bala
Marketing Content Writer

Crystal is a talented graphic design professional with the ability to see beyond the surface of each project, from exploring the tiniest details to understanding the big picture.

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